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  • 05 Phriday Photos, Vol. 3 The Midnight Daisy sessions
    All photos phrom this latest photo shoot are courtesy of the lovely and talented Miss Daisy of Midnight Daisy Photography. w/luv, M
  • Helping People Through Trauma When You Don’t Know What To Say
    Be a human. w/luv, M
  • United-States-of-Tara 11 TV Shows That Were Too Good To Last
    For all you cancelled TV fans out there in InternetLand. (Read the comments for several dozen more.) w/luv, M
  • A complicated but doable loophole in accessing hormones
    w/luv, M
  • LIVE (rhymes with five) w/buddy Brin Convenient of
    Brin and I joined the trans vlogger community way back when YouTube was still just A Tube, and became fast friends because she is amazing and funny and because I am a little sexpot and everyone wants me. In unrelated news, did you know this song was about me? Brin and I've talked and IM'd...
  • M hugging a large dog in a park I’m back!
    Hey there, patty melts! No, your eyes doth not deceive you, 'tis I, the Amazing Disapparating Transginger. "Where did the site go for the last six months?" is likely a question of yours. Well, you know how I'm always telling y'all that I love you, that you make my knees quake, that I want to...
  • PODCAST: “Transgaming,” with A Jumps B Shoots
    So if there's one particularly subset of pop culture y'all might've noticed me cropping up a lot in, that subset be video games. (Type "transgender video games" into Google and I'm still 1/3 of the results ;) So of course when one of my very fav video game podcasts asked me to hop on their...
  • VLOG: Reading Cheryl Strayed’s (Dear Sugar’s) “On Your Island”
    Because it's incredibly cathartic, reading to y'all. And because Strayed's words. #swoon Purchase "Tiny Beautiful Things" Original piece Dear Sugar (I recommend "Like An Iron Bell," "A Bit of Sully in Your Sweet," "Beauty and the Beast," "The Baby Bird," and, well, all of them.) The letter I wrote, plus 93 others you oughta read...
  • A-Camp 2.0: An Epic Told in Four Acts
    Act the First: We Absolutely Started The Fire. Act the Dos: Blame It On The Altitude. Act the Next One: Reading Dancing Spooning Singing Sewing Clubbing Dreaming. Act the Finale: Small Town Saturday Night. w/luv, M
  • Good Things That Have Come Of My Life Thanks To This Site
    I have been very fortunate for the opportunities I've been afforded in the last couple years. Fortunate, but not special, because the world is blooming open to us like a begonia on speed, and there's so much that we can have that we could not before. Surge ahead and write your own list someday, then...
  • VLOG: Life Update!
    What is up? The following things are up. "TSG 209 Trans Preconceptions, Alas" for Trannystar Galactica Contribution for Autostraddle/A-Camp's Coming Out Panel Contribution for Autostraddle/A-Camp's Meet & Geek Social A little about the Against Me! concert (pictures!) My piece at Autostraddle/A-Camp's staff reading w/luv, M
  • a-camp september 2012 group photo Tweets from Autostraddle’s A-Camp 2.0
    As I mentioned a couple weeks back, I was going to Autostraddle's A-Camp 2012 event in the mountains of California. I was invited on by them as a Camp Counselor, in charge of running or helping facilitate events over the course of the camp's multi-day, multi-gay smorgasbord as well being in charge of a cabin...
  • Coming Out to GF
    Back in 2009, I was very hairy and very sad. w/luv, M
  • Potpourri: Recommendations for Noir and The Middleman
    Pushing Daisies. Doctor Who. Men In Black. What do these things have in common? w/luv, M
  • My Guest Hosting Spot on Trannystar Galactica
    So after spending months working multiple jobs, I'm down to one and now living in our nation's capital. :) Of course, my computer has been dead for weeks (under repairs) and our internet still doesn't work, but I was able to fudge around my schedule for Brook and TSG. Now I'm staying late at work...
  • Me and Miss Laura Jane Grace Here is a picture of me with Laura Jane Grace
    The Against Me! concert was deafening and fab, and I lunged at Miss Grace afterwards and hugged her tight. She grinned wide and signed my copy of Rolling Stone with a big pink pen. I also may or may not have gone up to her wife, Heather, who I may or may not have given...