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Hangover 2 has Transsexuals, too.


Guess who just got back today? Those wild-eyed boys that had been away.

As my tweet read, I got out of #hangover2. “Man with boobs.” “Chick with a dick.” “Ladyboy.” Now processing my feelings about this. Spoiler wary members of my readership should view now as a good opportunity to leave this open in another tab and go do something else, like reading a daily bacon blog recipe foundry or typing “baby sloth” into Google Image Search.

Now if there are any survivors from that barrage of internet distractions, here are your ers freshly spoiled: Stu (Ed Helms), in retracing last night’s debauchery debonanza, descovers that not only did he cheat on his fiancĂ©e with a Thai stripper-hooker, but that this strooker is a transsexual who happily bottomed and buttockally impregnated Stu butt good. Cue “The Crying Game” as Stu whimpers out “I had sex with a man…with boobs.” The despair is perhaps driven home strongest in that IRL transsexual porn star Yasmin Lee is seen in all her beautiful nakedness, boobs and penis present and accounted for.


Can’t post porn. Sloth instead.

I really enjoyed The Hangover and have no ax to grind against the series, as unrestrained transgender rage will never be the focus of my little corner of the ‘net. I built this as a haven for humor and insight, not some soapbox from which to gnash my teeth at every perceived insult and sleight, unkempt vitriol being a great loser of attention and begetter of tensions. Hell, The Hangover has a great personal connection with me and my transsexuality: the first night I came out to someone was two years ago this month. My friend and I Friday’d at TGIF’s, circumscribed a lake buried in talk and skeeters, and crowned it off with what was the new flick in theaters. It was a laugh a minute crowd pleaser of funsanity and the perfect night cap to a conversation I longed 22 years to have. Relief that film brought me, and loyalty I gave it.

I don’t think The Hangover: Part II meant offense when it used slurs and slang that the transwoman community has been subjected to since the advent of porn. I felt no creeping agenda as I stood at the back of the theater (being a film journalist I see a great many movies and have learned that excessive sitting is no bueno), listening to this weaker second entry’s re-hashing and -cycling of everything original from Part I. And I heard jokes about Thigh-land and the Asiatics, about their small breasted women and mini-penised men. And I heard white guys try to say “nigger” ironically (try in the sense that are no black characters in this movie save Tyson’s brief cameo). The thing is we’re not laughing at being Black or Asian, we’re laughing about our uncomfortable history with racism and trying to salvage humor amidst the wreckage of our mistakes. Transsexuals, however, are laid naked before the camera to net the same knee jerk disgust we got from Ken Jeong’s tiny genitals or Jason Segel’s surprise man tackle in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. We’re laughing because transgendered people are sexual deviants with weird bodies.

I make sexual deviancy look sweet-ass fine.

I make sexual deviancy look sweet-ass fine.

Standing there in the back of the theater I know the audience isn’t thinking “Boy howdy I can’t wait to lynch me a tranny like that redheaded one in the back with the sensible purple cammy.” But I am feeling laughed at. Much like after SNL’s skit Estro Maxx, I felt like a freak. A group of people whose work I had admired for years was taking cheap shots at a minority, and for what? To say that sex with me would be gross? That I’m basically a dude with tits? I believe there’s a way to laugh about being trans, and for me its been a mostly humorous experience more wonder and whimsy than woe and woer, but millions upon millions will see this movie and the only thing they’ll know is what every other representation of transppl tell them: we’re an amalgamation of fetish and sickness.

Now what I’ll remember from this movie is the feeling that suddenly the whole world had become my old middle school. Pranks, threats and isolation in redux, though at least this time I’ll have pretty dresses, push-up bras and leaning toward the mirror to see if my cleavage is any deeper to salve my soul.


Think I’m cheese danish-wearing outside my mind schizo? Take in a counterpoint over at Queerty to properly sharpen your double-edged sword. Even actress Yasmin Lee gets in on the discussion in the comments section.

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  1. Ally Needs says:

    I don’t watch many movies at the cinema, and I’ve only recently started watching television again (mostly the news) because I hate being bombarded with images and stereotypes which just don’t connect with me on any rational level – consider I’m trans and vegan! If it wasn’t enough with abhorrently unfunny (can’t be funny on my own) stereotyping of trans people, it’s the re-enforcement of meat eating culture – my advice – if you can – turn off the TV and don’t watch everything at the cinema, be selective, you just know there is going to be a heap of trash coming your way.

  2. Nemo says:

    In real life Jasmin Lee IS a porn star and, at least has been if not still, is a hooker that could be found on the internet (escort, if you prefer). If the goal of the transgender community is to make the ass-pumping, face-jizzing work of people like Jasmin Lee with her huge schlong be on par with normal healthy relationships in society as a whole, I gotta tell ya that it ain’t gonna happen. Promoting these types of transgenders in the first place IS the problem. The stark contrast with normal lifestyles and relationships will only guarantee further isolation.

  3. Nemo says:

    …and by ‘normal’ lifestyles and relationships, I don’t mean strictly heterosexual but monogamous, emotionally stable and mutually beneficial.

  4. Frickable says:

    I am confused, after watching Hangover 2, I did admire how realistic the man-woman? was…. I now know her? name to be Yasmin Lee according to your hangover 2 article and interview with her. Since watching, I am curious, I had originally thought that this was a fetish or a desired thing to do or a way of survival for males in Asia such as hong kong and such that boys would dress like girls… After seeing Hangover, it looked as though the actress had legitimate boobs… or a legitimate male part. So it got me wondering is there people who are born with boobs and a male part and do not have corrective surgery? And how does one know when they are leaning to male or female? How does one function or label themselves on id cards and such? Its really interesting to me… as it is not the typical transvestite or impoverished males trying to make money off and or trick sailors, it is a person who is born with breast and a male part? I was very interested to hear that Yasmin joined the is this possible? How do you choose what you are? And then reading further on your bloggy thing , I think my curiosity of the writer was a ….transgender? Is transgender a way someone is born? as is if you were born as a male or female or someone born in perfect health or with a gimp… just someone who was born this way? I knew one person who was born with no parts and the family had corrective surgery at age 13… it never crossed my mind that it was a way of life I guess. So what i am wondering is, is this what transgender means? Its the way people are born with the chest and the male part…. and it is completely different then a transvestite or other things? Anyways I hope the things or thoughts I have written are not offensive, I just really do not know anything about the differences I guess.

  5. Helena says:

    In her case purely commercial reasons

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