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Interview with transsexual actress Yasmin Lee (Hangover 2)

Transsexual pornographic film actress Yasmin Lee, who played the role of transsexual stripper-hooker Kimmy in The Hangover: Part II, has caused a bit of a stir about whether or not her character was a positive portrayal or a symptom of American transphobia (and I certainly had a few concerns of my own to reconcile).

The ongoing debate at Queerty was eventually participated in by none other than Ms. Lee herself, and I decided to take her up on her gracious offer: If you need further help in understanding this complicated world you can always look me up on facebook.


How did you get involved in the Hangover: Part II, and how respectful were they of your identity?

The studio found me on IMDb as the lead for an indie horror flick, Red Ice, where I played the Succubus. They sent me a message asking if I would be interested in coming in to audition. [By the third round of auditions,] they were flying in girls from all over the world just to read for the part, and I got pretty nervous. I realized that this scene must be really important if they’re going to invest all that money just for the audition. I went in thinking Okay, just be me. When I went in and saw the director, Todd Phillips, sitting on the leather couch in his casual plaid shirt, shorts and sandals, I was thinking Wow, he’s really hot. He also had his golden retriever in the room which made me feel like I was in a Ralph Lauren ad. After various readings from comic pacing to different accents, he and the casting director assured me I did an amazing job. Todd Phillips asked me if I acted full time, what I did for a living. Without hesitation, I said “I’m one of the top transsexual porn stars in the entire universe, specializing in spanking naughty boys.” I don’t know what was going through my head.

He kinda said wow and thanked me right away for telling the truth, and that they weren’t expecting that. The whole process was very much a fish out of water experience for me, but they made me feel very comfortable. Though after revealing what I do for a living I thought that there’s no way I would get the part. As I was walking out, I jokingly said “This reading would have been a lot easier if the director wasn’t hot, it’s such a distraction. I don’t appreciate it,” and smiled. Weeks later, the director himself called me and said that I got the part, but to act surprised when casting called to tell me officially. We had a very intimate talk about the TS community and our struggles. I could tell he sincerely cares.

Millions are going to see your performance. Do you feel the character Kimmy was a fair portrayal of transsexuals? And as a follow-up, you’ve mentioned in the past that 9 out of 10 transwomen are in the sex industry. Could you clarify that? I think there are many people in Western nations who find that hard to understand.

In my personal opinion, and by the way I was born in Thailand, I think that Kimmy is a very fair portrayal of a transsexual woman. Does she represent all transgender people of the world? No. Anyone that has gone to Thailand would agree that among the 300,000 transsexuals living in Bangkok, there are many who are working in the mainstream and are more accepted there than anywhere else in the world. But the majority of Thai transsexuals are sex workers. There are clubs after clubs of Go-Go dancing transgender women. Actually, it’s a very big part of Thailand’s economy, and these girls are loved, accepted and acknowledged by the people, the government, and the media.

What do you have to say to people who accuse you of being a man or a transvestite because you have a penis?

Anyone who accuses me of being a man or transvestite because of my genitals do so out of hatefulness, or in most cases pure ignorance. They’re simply not educated about our community. We are not the norm and people don’t run into TS women on a regular basis. People fear stuff that they don’t relate to or understand, but I find that most people will at least listen. This is the opportunity for you to engage and change someone’s opinion. Maybe they will learn and maybe they won’t just yet, but they never will if the opportunity doesn’t present itself. I know sometimes we feel rage and anger when we feel we are misrepresented or mistreated, but lashing back is never a good way to represent ourselves. I, too, have made this mistake in the past. We really have to take the opportunity to be educators.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

In final thoughts, I had an amazing time hanging with all the boys and the crew. Everyone from the lighting guy to my people for hair, make-up, and wardrobe assistance, to the studio big fish treated me with love and respect. As a matter of fact, though I’m a very proud transsexual woman I didn’t feel like I was one on-set. I was there simply as an actress and they treated me as such. Not for one second did my gender become an issue. Can’t say the same for Crystal the monkey. She had to play the part as a male monkey but did so fiercely.

I feel that this movie has done a great deal for the GLBT community in terms of exposure. The role of Kimmy was never meant to be a role model, or someone that represents the community as a whole. For me it was a means of income as well as an opportunity to shed light on who I am, and more importantly our community and our struggle for equality. With all the hype and talk about my controversial scene, it will lead to open discussion and then even more opportunities to educate.

Photos courtesy of Ms. Lee and F&G Photography.


  1. M – this was a wonderful interview. I read Yasmin’s comments over on the Queerty site and some of the internalized hate there just really gets me. How can any of them like us if we hate ourselves so damn much?

    It’s good to see that Yasmin has such a good head on her shoulders and approached this with forethought and consideration. Thanks for this interview (to both of you!!!)

  2. olu says:

    I admire the Lady, her manner of thinking, her attitude also counts and her responses to the questions are modest and down to earth.

  3. Brad says:

    I love her personality. I feel warm, outgoing and uplifting from her. I would spend the money for her work.

  4. Scott says:

    Although millions of people will see the movie. Most I’m sure will not be wise and open minded as we would like. I feel that interviews like this will help educate them to the transgendered world. They will hopefully open up their eyes to the hardships, heartaches, and hatefulness the community has to go through. I’m a close personal friend of Yasmin Lee, and she is by far one of the most open, intelligent and wonderful people I’m very proud to know. If the movie opens up controversy I say that’s great, because if the Hangover II didn’t have the part of Kimmy in it the world would still have it’s eyes closed to the transgendered community. I’m extremely proud of Yasmin Lee. What I see is a positive step in the recognition of the TG community, and we owe her a big thank you and many kudos.

    • TS Carolina Jennifer says:

      I dont think its because shes to big now I think its because she doesnt have the extra time and escorting does take a lot out of you if your beautiful and talented; Im speaking for myself. Some girls move on in life so stay in the business forever…. xoxo TS CAROLINA JENNIFER

      • Teresa Whalen says:

        Yasmin is very pretty and I am sure you are too, Jennifer TS. BUT, you realize, don’t you, that from a scientific and educational standpoint, you guys have it wrong. As you can do certain things to make a man more feminine and things to make a woman more masculine, but it is scientifically impossible, unfortunately, to turn a man into a woman. I feel bad about that as I am sure you would like to be a complete woman and will say you are, but physiologically, you are not and nor is Yasmin;-(

  5. Carolina says:

    I agree with Scott. I’m also privileged to know Yasmin personally, for several years, and she truly is an intelligent and caring person. Just after “Hangover II” was released, I saw her at one of our clubs, and she went out of her way to walk up to greet me. Given her recent “celebrity” status, you’d expect it would be the other way around, but this just shows how genuine and unpretenious Yasmin Lee is!

  6. kitty katty says:

    Me encantas estas divina soy como tu transexual y admiro tu capacidad de enfrentar lavida .
    Cordially katty

  7. Lucis Ferre says:

    I haven’t seen Hangover 2 yet, but have seen many of Yazmine’s movies. I lived in Bangkok and Pattaya Thailand (the land of smiles) for 8 months. ‘Fantastic, and as she said, there are “ladyboys” everywhere and are treated with more respect than most places in the world (I’ve traveled quite a bit). The Thai people, being Theravada Buddhist, are extraordinarily tolerant.

  8. swedish says:

    very interesting intreview, too bad the world knows so little about transexual peoples perspective and how accepted they feel (including me) defienetly going to do more research about that :)

  9. Clairese says:

    Yasmine is great looking, but if people who are not familiar with the TS community see her as “typical” then they may be surprised to learn that we are not all hung like stallions, as Yasmine so famously hung. She is also a top. It used to be that most TS girls were passive, but it seems the trend now seems to be more are quite erect and aggressive. Perhaps this is due to the acceptance of beauties like Yasmine, as truly attractive by straight white men.

  10. Steve says:

    She is beautiful, i am completely strait but i would let her do me in the ass and i would gladly suck that penis…

  11. lauren says:

    Steve’s comment is evidence of the power of beauty. When someone is as beautiful as Yasmin, many straight guys can overlook what kind of extras are included. She is so feminine and so beautiful that most straight guys can’t see any masculinity and will accept her as female. She is a very positive rep.of the community.

  12. Ryan says:

    I can see why your name is Bimbo!!!!

  13. TS Carolina Jennifer says:

    I personally want to say that I think this lady is absolutely beautiful inside and out. Real TS girls go through a lot hardships and heartaches to become who we are…. in response to NEMO I dont think it has anything to do with guys and limited funds its only because her life has taken a different direction and she doesnt have the extra time; Im only speaking for myself escorting is a very difficult job although guys dont look at us the same and some look down on it…. WE the “girls” only do it to help gentleman that want to explore a fantasy. I myself have been on and off the market and am currently finishing college and plan to take myself completely off the market again within the next few years. Best of luck to all of you….. Its a Big World so EXPLORE AWAY! xoxo TS Carolina Jennifer

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  15. matthew says:

    wonderfull, and i think shes a beautifull women. she seems like a very caring and loving person, and a very smart and funny one at that. i would love to meet her and have a drink with her. she is a great actress and i hope she sees much success. a great movie, great scene, and just great all around.

  16. deniz says:

    I wish I was your slave

  17. Donovan says:

    Out of all this am I the only one who thought her Monkey comment was Hilarious???

    • Ts_Admirer says:

      She is by far the most beautiful asian woman iv ever seen,her simple beauty n gorgeous smile warms me up inside. After seeing her in hangover 2,she opened me up to the world of trans_gender women. My mind has been opened up to new things n its all because of her…kudos my angelic beauty….

  18. michael says:

    i think that she is incredibly beautiful and a wonderful person. i hope i get the chance to meet her one day. does anyone know if she’s interested in meeting a military man?

  19. Cindy D says:

    I really love your art. Glad to see other transgirls out there having success.

  20. Lisa Loves You says:

    You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.

  21. Anon says:

    I wish I knew how to correspond with her. I consider myself a straight guy, and her having a penis wouldn’t bother me a bit.
    She seems like a genuine, beautiful person.

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  23. TLX says:

    When I heard you get to see Yasmin Lee’s penis in this film, I knew I had to see it. B)

  24. Stackhaus says:

    She is a very attractive woman, could over look her extra part

  25. Stephen Cruze says:

    I’m a writer, and have dated a couple of transexual women. Neither of them, as far as I know, worked in the sex industry. But I’m wondering what working in the sex industry does to your head. I mean, what difficulties, if any, does a girl find when it comes to falling in love and does it become harder to trust another person and open up emotionally? I’d love to hear back from a T-girl that has some experience in this matter and is looking to relate their thoughts and experiences. This is, in no way a request for sex or an Email affair. Thanks Yasmin, you’re pretty awesome.

  26. Straight bitch says:

    Im a straight female, and I think her public persona is very warm and confident.
    I dont know her personally of course but she is hot and I would love to get intimate with her anyday.
    T-girls need to be more respected, they are only doing what comes naturally to them.

  27. chloe delores says:

    im hoping one day ill be like you..on hrt for 6 months now, you are gorgeous xxx

  28. Ts_Admirer says:

    She is by far the most beautiful asian woman iv ever seen,her simple beauty n gorgeous smile warms me up inside. After seeing her in hangover 2,she opened me up to the world of trans_gender women. My mind has been opened up to new things n its all because of her…kudos my angelic beauty….

  29. John says:

    She is correct when she said that people need to be educated about Transsexuals

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