Is Chicken or Turkey Better For Dogs?

Most dog parents are used to feeding their dogs with chicken products or chicken as the primary sources of protein. Others also use beef, lamb, or fish-based products to provide their dogs with proteins. However, most of them rarely use turkey as a source of protein because turkey is very expensive. However, irrespective of the cost, turkey is one of the protein sources that you should not miss as a dog parent because it has high protein content, just like chicken. Below are some of the factors that are evaluated to help you know which of the above is better for your dog.

Nutritional quality

When chicken and turkey are compared according to their nutritional content, both of them are ranked very closely because they contain macronutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in similar amounts. However, turkey contains higher magnesium levels, zinc, vitamin B6, potassium, and vitamin B12.

Availability of the meat

For both humans and dogs, chicken is one of the most available animal products in the market today. It is because poultry farming has spread worldwide, thus making the meat to be very economical. Therefore most people prefer using chicken as their primary protein source for their dogs because it is cheaper and always available in the market. However, turkey is farmed in ranches where the people are only focusing on turkey farming. Turkeys are not also hardy and adoptable like a chicken making them very expensive and challenging to rear, resulting in their meat being expensive too.

Allergic potential

Chicken meat is not commonly known to cause allergies in dogs. However, other products, including beef, grains, and dairy products, cause allergies in dogs. Turkey is grouped as a hypo-allergic product because it provides relief to a dog’s digestive system with allergies without affecting its nutritional composition. Therefore turkey products are the best for dogs that are allergic to grains and chicken.

Large stage sustainability

Generally, most dogs usually develop food allergies as they advance in age because their bodies cannot digest certain foods as they are supposed to, hence making them allergic to certain types of food like dairy products. Since chicken is said to cause allergy in some dogs, turkey meat is recommended as the best source of protein for older dogs. It is because older dogs require the same amount of fats and proteins in their diet as younger dogs that cut down calorific intake. Therefore turkey meat remains the best option for older dogs because it contains high protein and fat content, and its calorific value is lower than chicken meat.

Farming practices

It is essential to look at both chicken and turkey farming practices because they determine the quality of their products. In most cases, chicken is reared for commercial use; therefore, most farmers tend to use growth hormones, GMO grains, and vaccinations that end up affecting the health of your dog. While turkey farmers typically rear them like livestock, they use natural practices instead of growth hormones, making turkey meat pure and nutritious because the farmer uses organic farming practices, which promotes your dog’s health.

In summary, even though not exhaustive, the above factors prove turkey to be the best food for your dog. Consider incorporating it in your dog’s meal plan as it will help ease many health disorders that come with age.