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Trans Lingerie Line, Incoming.

chrysalis lingerie - logo and model picture

Even if my noggin were made of play-doh I could not wrap my head around the exciting news that there will soon be a line of lingerie aimed at transgals. Soon as in AD 2012, as in the whole “the world is ending!” thing may be a result of how awesome this news is. Not simply that it is being made at all or that it is being made in my lifetime, both potent miracles to be sure. No, that it is being made at all, in my lifetime, this year, and it’s getting a lot of press! This pair of articles, about articles that hold your pairs wink, have been a’ponging and a pinging all about the webiverse with much applauding accompaniment.

For my non transpeeps out there, please understand that transy acceptance has been moving faster than a bullet from a railgun these past few years. As the second of the article duo notes, Dr. OZ just did a great primer episode the other day. And when Canada’s Miss Universe hopeful Jenna Talackova was knocked out of the later stages of the competition when her past was discovered, one protest right off the bat was to the tune of 40,000 signatures. There is stuff like this happening every week, and even in my overworked coat pocket of the universe these stories still find me. This is all capital HYOO, capital J.

Trans ladies could really benefit from targeted sexywear because unless someone puts a helium pump to our nipps (or the more commonly used breast implant, but where’s the fun in that?), we’re a little light up North. That, and some of us are a little peeved at our waist high neighbor, whose hobbies seem to be include making awkward bumps in dresses and pointing at things it likes. Most of us, myself included for this most recent photo shoot, have to resort to gaffs, usually from Suddenly Fem, to rain on our penis’ parade.

Actually, Chrysalis co-founder Cy Lauz mentions these other industries indirectly in the first article, saying There are some things for cross-dressers and drag queens, but they’re all sexually exploitative. I disagree with Ms. Lauz a bit in this regard. When it comes to the image it markets, Suddenly Fem definitely positions itself as a service for crossdressers, but to say my gaff from them, or any gaff from anyone, which is just underwear made of a firm material, is sexually explicit all by itself isn’t really true. But I understand where she’s coming from, the idea that all trans people are crossdressers is still one of our community’s big hurdles in terms of educating the public. I think Chrysalis will help mosey that along somewhat, with their fancy website, transgal models (I wanna be one so bad!) and, most of all, their bottom line. If they show that there’s money to be made by better serving niche markets who will actively blog your name and sing your praises, well, you can overcome a lot of prejudice by proving you fit into the capitalist machine works.

So, I’m excited to hear that there’s pretty clothing coming down the pike that gives me a lift and a tuck. While there are companies that have provided both of these services in the past, I’m much happier giving my money to an organization founded around the idea of celebrating a community, rather than buying products that could simply be incidentally used by me and my sexy sisters.


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