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Trans “Plastic Surgeon” Victimizes Own

Ever since Silence of the Lambs, I’ve been maintaining my worrier accreditation by hand-wringing about the inevitable real life trans serial something-or-other. Well, though lotionless and basket free, we may have our winner. I say may because if I don’t respect “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law,” I can’t very well ask people to respect me should the tables take a turn.

Look at 'em, just waiting to turn. You invite them into your home, feed them, then one day, BAM, rotation.

Look at ’em, just waiting to turn. You invite them into your home, feed them, then one day, BAM, rotation.

Here presented, then, is the story so far. GF and her tireless Jezebel/Gawker perusal originally tipped me yesterday eve with Crazed Butt Doctor’s Victim Count Rises to 30. Transgendered female Oneal “The Duchess” Ron Morris, 31, and Corey Alexander Eubanks, 40, are accused of second degree felonies of practicing medicine without a license in Southern Florida, particularly Miami, where Morris pumped a “mixture of tire sealant, cement, glue and mineral oil” into women’s bodies, claiming it was silicone. She would then seal the pump locations on her victims with super glue. Eubanks facilitated these meetings for a cut of the victim’s fee. Of particular note is her targeting of the transgender community, and that victims are coming forward from as far away as Indiana.

Oneal "The Duchess" Ron Morris (

Oneal “The Duchess” Ron Morris (

One victim, Rajee Narinesingh, has come forward saying she met Morris two years ago and received injections in her face, breast, buttocks and hips. Of Morris she said “There was a sisterhood of trust. [Morris] was part of the transgender community herself. …There was a feeling that she won’t do anything bad, she knows what she is doing.” Narinesingh, whose long-standing trans activism you can learn more about here and here, said that trans people often seek doctors outside the mainstream for fear of discrimination and/or abuse.

No reports of deaths associated with Morris, though the chemicals used are highly toxic and the most recent victim was rushed to the hospital, ultimately leading to Morris and Eubanks’ arrest.

The first wrinkle in this case is that Morris appears to be the recipient of an operation herself, though whether her significantly larger than average hips were intentional is unknown. If these cases do date back a decade, that would make Morris 21 when she allegedly started performing these fraudulent manglings. Could there be more at work here than two people? Most likely, as all of the articles have suggested that since “pumping parties” have been an issue for years, Morris is simply the next inheritor of a mantle. Though most pumping parties I’d heard of at least involved real silicone.

That people have been refusing to go to the police over this for so many years is a cold reminder that one person speaking up can make a difference. Morris apparently claimed she had performed hundreds of these operations, which I’d expect anyone running an illegal operation to say, but what if by now that’s actually true? The 30 that have come forward may only be the tip of the iceberg, especially since Narinesingh didn’t experience adverse side effects until one year after the procedure. It is important to note, however, that some prior victims experienced no adverse side effects.

Then there’s the Caindi and Abelina factor. One thing most any trans person will tell you is to ask for help or recommendations from your trans brothers and sisters, be it for haircuts or therapists, surgeons or florists. It’s expensive and exhausting having to constantly shop for shopping. An incompetent therapist may claim to be gender savvy to bait new clientele, and then you’re out the cost of a few sessions. There may be one DMV in town that’s much less strict about changing the gender marker on your license. You may have found an auto mechanic that always calls you ma’am no matter how disheveled you look, and you want everyone else to know. After all, we just want to be unmolested by eyes. I remember when I was just starting out, deep bass voice, hadn’t learned “the walk,” slim to no fashion sense, foam breasts, a wig, I looked down all the time and I had unrestrained facial hair growth that would punch through my foundation less than an hour after I’d shaved. The things people did to me with their eyes is a fear place I’ll never purge, but you do it all over again the next day anyway because what alternative do you have? Back into the darkness? Not after that first sweet taste of the good life.

Oh yeah, at least three times happier than this cat.

Oh yeah, at least three times happier than this cat.

This is why we have community, because LGBT acceptance has grown enormously the past few years, sure, but what about all the decades before this where it was casually ignored? Your first allegiance is to your family of shared minority, fearing man’s inhumanity to tran, never tran’s inhumanity to tran.

Morris and Eubanks are currently released on bond pending trial. I’ll post more info as it becomes available.


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